Frequently asked questions

Why choose an independent celebrant?

An independent celebrant can give you a variety of services:

A ceremony unique to you - the entire ceremony will be designed around you as a couple, not the same as everyone else!

You can still have all the elements of a legal civil ceremony, if you want to, and so much more!

You can have whatever you want in the script - unlike legal civil ceremonies where the script is very limited.

You can have your ceremony literally anywhere you choose. You are not restricted to licensed wedding venues, though you can have your ceremony there if you wish to.

Your celebrant is dedicated just for you. They won't have another ceremony to rush off to that day, or be delayed at a previous ceremony.

Using an independent celebrant is much cheaper! By having a legal marriage in a Register Office (for around £50) and then using an independent celebrant for your ceremony, you will save you money.

Where can we hold our Ceremony?

This is the real beauty of having an independent celebrant, you can choose to have your ceremony literally anywhere, at any time! Unlike legal ceremonies, where you have to be within a licensed wedding venue, there are no limits to an independent ceremony. 

Want to hold your ceremony on the beach? On a boat? In your back garden? Somewhere special to both of you? No problem!  You could of course still choose to hold your ceremony in a wedding venue, that's no problem either. It is really up to you.

We cover ceremonies in Kent and the wider South East, including London.

What can we include in our ceremony?

Your ceremony will be designed so that it is unique to you. You can include any elements that you wish, including poems, songs, religious references and ceremonies such as handfasting and candlelight. You can write your own vows and promises if you'd like to - and we will help you to do so if you would like us to.

Who can use our services?

Absolutely anyone! We very much welcome bookings from each and every part of the community and will design your ceremony especially for you ! 

Obviously as we are Rainbow Weddings we are especially pleased to receive bookings from the LGBT community.

Who will the Celebrant work with?

Our celebrant Paul will make sure that he liaises with the venue, your wedding planner, and your photographer on the day, to ensure you have the most amazing ceremony possible.