Celebrant Services

What services can we offer you?

We can conduct your marriage celebration ceremony, renewal of vows or commitment ceremony . We can do this whenever you like, wherever you would like us to.  

While we cannot legally marry you, we can give you a unique ceremony that is not constrained by the legal ceremony requirements of a limited script, licenced venue and limited times. 

Marriage Celebration Ceremony

Many of our couples choose to have a small legal ceremony in a Register Office, just with themselves and the two witnesses required by law, either before or after their marriage celebration ceremony. We then deliver their  marriage celebration ceremony at the time and venue of their choice. This can have all of the elements of a legal ceremony, including promises, vows and rings, but can be so much more!

Renewal of Vows

If you are already married and either have been for some time, or you married recently but your friends and family were unable to attend, how about renewing your vows? We can design a ceremony for you to both renew your vows to each other.

Commitment Ceremony

Some of our couples do not choose to get married but want to express their commitment to each other. Or perhaps one, or both of them, is not or cannot get divorced. They can choose to have a Commitment Ceremony, where they declare their commitment in front of all their friends and family. Such ceremonies can also have all the elements of a wedding ceremony, including exchanging rings if the couple would like to.